French Programming

On ne vous a pas oublié ! That translates into, "We have not forgotten you." We definitely have something for the French-speakers in the United States.

The French programming package ( French Bouquet) has 5 channels for your viewing pleasure.

How much does it cost ? $19.99/month and $219.89/year.

Get educational programming, news, music, children's programming, movies, game shows, et beaucoup plus (much more) !

Apart from the French Bouquet we also offer the French A-La-Carte programming package.


If you are a new satellite tv customer and want to order this package call ____ with Promo Code: ____. Ce code promocionel vous donnera les meilleurs offres de Dish Network ! Mentionnez-le quand vous commandez votre bouquet français.

(Pour s'inscrire avec nous appelez le numéro ci-dessus).

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