AMC HD added to line-up

August 19th, 2010

Satellite TV is proud to announce the addition of AMC HD to its already-extensive high-def line up of channels.

You can catch shows like Rubicon, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.

Mexico vs South Africa: FIFA WORLD CUP 2010

June 11th, 2010

OK, so it’s half-time over in Johannesburg, South Africa, and we have just witnessed the first half of the World Cup’s first game.

That young dos Santos of Mexico is one kid to watch out for !!

Are you watching the games in HD ?? Are you Mexican and would like to follow your team’s progress en alta-definicion ?? Entonces tienes que suscribirte con nosotros ahora mismo !!

Follow the World Cup in HD thanks to Univision, Galavision, and Telefutura – en alta-definicion !! Get the Univision FIFA World Cup Channel now.

Or, .com/ortarget=”_self”>CLICK HERE to order online.

DirecTV to mimmick us…..

June 6th, 2010

OK folks, our main main rival, DirecTV has realized that they have no choice but to follow suit with the former’s latest “Free HD For Life” promotion. They want to be as cool as us.

Let’s face it, we have lower prices, better customer service, more HD channels (over 200, in case you were in oblivion), and now….those 200 channels can be yours for FREE (well, without any extra fees).

Stop reading this and go order your package with free HD. If you’re still using those TV’s from the 90’s don’t bother.


June 4th, 2010

…or Free HD For Life, however you may want to put it !

Yes, America’s fastest-growing satellite tv provider came out with this offer yesterday, June 3rd.

The customer has to commit to a 24-month…umm…commitment and they will get high-def programming for the entire duration of their subscription to satellite tv.

I know you are probably questioning how this may be. All you have to do is call us and all your questions will be answered.

DirecTV drops lawsuit

April 16th, 2010

It seems our rival, DirecTV, has decided to drop its lawsuit against us.

The two parties “stipulate to the dismissal of the entirety of the action”, this according to a one-sentence court filing by attorneys of the satellite tv giants.

This war between us and DirecTV began in February when the former claimed to offer the same programming for $24 less than the latter.

We maintained that its claims could be justified.

Welcome to our blog

April 16th, 2010

Welcome to this blog. You will find any pertinent information regarding the 2nd largest (but fastest-growing) satellite television provider right here !